List with LED TV Range of Sharp 2013 (Line-up USA)

In this post we present the list of the main specifications of the Sharp LED TV models for 2013. This list includes the range of Sharp TVs on sale in USA during 2013.

Sharp LE657: 
LED technology, 1080p, Smart TV, Dual-Core, AquoMotion 240 (120Hz), Active 3D, Wi-Fi, web browser, ultra-thin bezel, ...
  • LC-60LE657
  • LC-70LE657
Sharp LE650 / C6500:
LED technology, 1080p, Smart TV, Dual-Core, Wi-Fi, web browser, 120Hz, ...
  • LC-60LE650
  • LC-70LE650
  • LC-80LE650
  • LC-60C6500
  • LC-70C6500
  • LC-80C6500
Sharp LE757 / C7500:
Quattron technology, 1080p, Smart TV, Dual-Core,  AquoMotion 480 (240Hz), 3D active 3D, two 3D glasses, Wi-Fi, web browser,  PiP, 35W sound with subwoofer, ultra thin aluminum bezel, ..
  • LC-60LE757
  • LC-70LE757
  • LC-80LE757
  • LC-60C7500
  • LC-70C7500
Sharp LE755:
Same as AquoMotion without LE757.
  • LC-60LE755
  • LC-70LE755
Sharp LE857:
Quattron Technology, Super Bright, 1080p, Smart TV, Dual-Core, AquoMotion 960 (240Hz), 3D active 3D, two 3D glasses,  Wi-Fi, web browser, PiP, 35W sound with subwoofer, ultra thin aluminum bezel, ...
  • LC-60LE857
  • LC-70LE857
  • LC-80LE857
We recommend reviewing the specifications at the official Sharp USA website before buying an LED TV 2013.
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