Samsung F6350: The best Samsung LED TV 2013 without 3D

The Samsung F6350 is practically identical to the Samsung F6300. These models are high-end LED TV without 3D 2013. THE Samsung F6350 has a FullHD panel, 240Hz CMR, ... This model includes SmartTV 2013, Wi-Fi and good links. We recommend checking the Samsung F6300 and compare prices. This model will be a top sales because Samsung offers it in 40, 46, 50, 55, 60 and 65 inches

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Technology: LED

Screen-size: 40, 46, 50, 55, 60 and 65 "
3D: no
Refresh rate: 120Hz
CMR: 240Hz
Processor: Dual-Core
USB Compatibility: AVI, DivX HD, MKV, ...
Other Specs:
  • SmartTV
  • Wi-Fi
  • Web Browser
  • 4 x HDMI
  • 3 x USB
  • Audio 2x 10W
Official WebSite (Full specs)

Design F6350:
Samsung F6350 (
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  • Samsung F6400
  • LG LA6200
  • Panasonic ET60
We believe that this is one of the best LED TV 2013 without 3D. The image quality of this LED TV is very good and the SmartTV is also the best. The Samsung F6350 is a complete TV built in Wi-Fi, a full web browser and a dual core processor.

Models name:
  • UN40F6350AF
  • UN46F6350AF
  • UN50F6350AF
  • UN55F6350AF
  • UN60F6350AF
  • UN65F6350AF
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